Pass the Garment Worker Protection Act

Please sign this petition to share with California legislators & Governor Newsom and show your support for the Garment Worker Protection Act. The Garment Worker Protection Act is sponsored by the Garment Worker Center, Bet Tzedek Legal Services, the California Labor Federation and Western Center on Law and Poverty, and the campaign for its passge is LED BY WORKERS!!  Our fight continues in 2021 because the issues garment workers are facing must urgently be addressed. Your support is needed more than ever!

There are more than 45,000 garment workers in Los Angeles, many of whom are paid less than half of the minimum wage in the city. Fashion brands at the top of the supply chain profit off these low wages and wage theft yet they face no accountability.

Workers in the California garment industry are still often paid through a piece-rate system, which can change on a whim. The piece-rate can be as little as 2 cents per piece. The piece-rate system puts minimum wage out of reach. Garment workers who are paid by piece-rate are usually paid less than $6 per hour for their efforts and as low as $3 per hour depending on piece-rates, according to a study by UCLA. Big name fashion brands know what they are doing. They pay subcontractors rates that are so low that workers end up paying the price for cheap clothing.The Garment Worker Protection Act would eliminate the piece-rate system in the garment industry, which is too often used as a cover to pay wages less than the minimum wage, and it would create multi-lateral accountability.


California elected officials need to hear from you! Please sign this petition to share with California Leaders.

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