LA Garment Worker Emergency Relief Fund

Launched in the height of the pandemic, GWC supporters came together in solidarity with workers whose livelihood and health were threatened.  Through significant challenges, workers continue to organize to transform wages and working conditions in their industry.  

They passed SB62, landmark legislation that holds fashion brands responsible for wage theft.  Their vision inspired the FABRIC Act, federal legislation that would expand SB62’s protections nationwide and promote domestic production. They’re organizing to protect LA’s garment district and jobs from displacement by gentrification.  Workers organize factory committees to address their needs and demands on the factory floor. And they have formed a mutual aid group to support each other through food distribution and strategic planning for ongoing projects.

Worker organizing combats exploitation for all.  As LA garment workers take on these important and inspiring efforts, we turn to you to help them meet their basic needs during challenging economic times.  Your donation passes through directly to our members in the form of emergency funds for rent, groceries, utilities, and medical needs.

Mutual aid supports worker organizing!

Please contribute today.



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