COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund for LA Garment Workers

We at the GWC find inspiration and hope in the creative ways people are coming together for support. We are committed to ensuring garment workers also have access to the resources and support they need at this time, and your donations are critical. 

A needs assessment with 100 of our members and revealed specific impacts on their income and well-being.

  1. Threatened job security
    1. Reduced work hours or closed factories because of delays in garment imports needed to assemble garments
    2. Lack of information or warning as to impending factory closures
  2. Food insecurity due to loss of income
  3. Inability to pay rent, utilities,  and other bills due to loss of income.  
    1. Garment workers earn an average of $6.00 an hour.  They fear that even with the 6 months provided to repay past due rent and bills, their low wages won’t enable them to ever catch up.
  4. Where garment factories remain open, many workers report dirty conditions, employers’ failure to implement social distancing and sanitizing practices, and bathrooms without soap or hand sanitizer.
    1. Workers report feeling they have no choice but to work despite the risk of COVID-19 because they cannot afford a loss of income.
  5. Hospitals and other medical facilities are sending PPE (face masks and medical apparel) orders into LA’s garment district.
    1. Garment workers are providing essential labor to curb the pandemic, yet have little to no health protection and assurance of fair wages!

Garment workers are often not eligible for unemployment benefits and the underground nature of the industry, such as “off the books” work, makes applying for paid family leave or disability insurance uniquely challenging for this workforce.

This is why Garment Worker Center is launching the Garment Worker COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund.

We urge our supporters to give what they can, and leaders of the fashion industry to contribute generously to give back to those who made their clothes. Please donate. 

For a detailed statement for our call to action, please visit:

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