Garment Worker COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund

We at the GWC find inspiration and hope in the ways people are coming together for support during the pandemic. We stand in solidarity with garment workers, and are committed to ensuring they have access to the resources and support they need at this time, and your donations are critical. 

A needs assessment of our members revealed specific impacts of COVID-19 on their income and well-being.

  1. Housing insecurity
    Tenant protections have been lifted, California Rent Relief programs have sundowned, garment work instability and the rezoning of the fashion district threatens the displacement of thousands of jobs, leaving many garment workers incredibly housing insecure as the cost of living continues to soar
  2. Food insecurity
    As our members struggle to pay rent, so do they have trouble staying fed, as food insecurity remains one of our members' most common issues 
  3. Substandard conditions under COVID & lack of benefits
    Unclean conditions of factories
    Alarming rates of infections
    Lack of paid sick leave or unemployment benefits
    COVID-19’s impact on importation of goods affecting supply chain and reducing work availability

This is why GWC launched the Garment Worker COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund.

We are currently prioritizing emergency relief for food, rent relief, and unemployment.

We urge our supporters to give what they can, and leaders of the fashion industry to contribute generously to give back to those who made their clothes. 


Please donate today. 


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